Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1, 2, 3

Here is a cute photo of sheep I took in Joadja.
1. With just over a week to go until I head off to Bali, I haven’t even started packing my bag. I am what I would call an unorganised traveller. Once I get the accommodation and flight booked, everything else takes a back seat. I still need currency, travel insurance and to pack my bag. Maybe I will do that this week, but it’s more likely to be done the day before if we’re being honest. Anyway, this trip can’t come soon enough. My motivation at work is so low at the moment and I need a relaxing break. New Zealand was good, but days of skiing aren’t exactly relaxing.

2. A few of my electronics decided to die within a week of each other. My kindle broke in New Zealand, I dropped my phone in water (although, surprisingly it’s still working just fine. Do they take time to die?) and my laptop cord died. All of my charger cords seem to fray and then die. Is this just me? Why do my cords fray? I wrap them properly, I think!

3. I am so lazy at the moment. No exercise (I can’t run until my knee heals properly, but that’s no excuse not to do other stuff), no working on my little project and no doing the other things I love. I can also chalk it up to being busy, but I feel like I keep saying ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’ and then a week has passed and I haven’t done anything. Where is my motivation at?

How has everyone else been?


  1. Oh no sorry to hear work is not great. At least you have this trip to look forward to.

    I just booked flights to Bali for the first week and a half of Jan. Should be good. Oh and I joined a gym. I find that funnier than I should.


    1. Work isn't bad, just boring at the moment.

      Oh yay! It will be a nice break for you.

  2. You are going to be sooooo relaxed in Bali! Where abouts are you going? We honeymooned in Bali and it was divine :) :) :) Not long now :)