Thursday, March 29, 2012

Men's shirt remake

Sorry for the hiatus.. I'm not very good at remembering to blog!

Anyway, a few weeks back S emailed me to tell me he'd ripped his favourite work shirt (while at work) and asked if I could fix it. Upon closer inspection when I got home, I realised I couldn't so I decided to remake it in to a shirt for myself.

I used Colette Sorbetto as my base pattern and since the shirt had buttons I omitted the front pleat. The shirt was just the right size for my size Sorbetto top, I was actually really lucky it worked so well. 

I added the darts like the pattern asks and this made it more feminine. I find the smallest Sorbetto size to be too big on me still so I took it in further at the sides and I placed the pattern toward the bottom of the shirt so I would get the nice rounded hem that the shirt already had...not having to hem was an added bonus!

Here is a before and after. The pictures aren't so great, but I was taking self-portraits because we haven't had time for S to take pictures for me. I will update again when we've got better pictures.

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