Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years 2014/2015

I’ve never really been a huge New Year’s fan and have always preferred to stay close to home so I can walk there at the end of the night. This year was an easy one with a party out on the footpath in our street. We’re very lucky to have some great neighbours and we’re good friends with a few of the houses that live in the street, so about 5 houses in a row set up outside for the party.
One of the neighbours likes to DJ so he set up with his DJ tables (whatever they’re called) and got the night pumping. DJ Scotch finger as we called him, did a great job and really made the night fun.
I thought lighting a bunch on fire would look cool, but it just creates a fireball. Oops.
It’s really convenient having a party outside the house, because when I wanted to go and sit down for a bit, I just went in and sat on the couch with Ted. I didn’t want to wake up hung over so I only had a few drinks and enjoyed the night so much more!
What did you do for New Years?


  1. Happy New Year!

    Some great photos! And how good is it that you just had to go outside your house to party!

  2. We always call New Year's 'Amateur Night', so we too hate to go out...Dangerous driving conditions, drunk idiots, and expensive tabs just make it way better to stay home. This looks like THE perfect option!!! Close to home and tons of fun!