Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wedding part three - wedding pics

After our ceremony, we had about one hour to mingle and get some photos taken of the families and just Steve and I. My Mum has her own small photography business, so we enlisted her help. This was really good considering I am as awkward as they come and I needed someone to give me orders on how to stand, where to put my hand etc. We had agreed beforehand that we wanted minimal posed shots (they are not us at all) and emphasised that we wanted natural looking shots. I think Mum did really well considering how annoying I am, ha! For the below photos, we literally had about 15 minutes (including time to walk to that spot). Honestly, I love them. They look natural and there was minimal effort required from me. Some of the photos aren't the best quality below as I took them from facebook, but you get the gist..
One of my brothers was in the US, so we facetimed him during the ceremony
Looking very dapper