Friday, August 30, 2013

Corelli's Newtown - Review

Even though I’ve lived in the area for over three years, I only just went to Corelli’s for the first time two weeks ago. For some reason I always thought it was cash only and I never carry cash, so I guess that’s why I never went.

I was surprised with the options on the menu. At 7pm at night, I could order breakfast, 
lunch or dinner. That is a winner right there. I could get waffles at 7pm if I wanted to.

Last night, I went with S, his sister and her boyfriend. Between us, we ordered a coffee each and two plates of chicken nachos which were $12.90 each. The nachos are huge, so a serving each would have been ridiculous. We had planned to have cake afterwards, but we honestly couldn’t fit it. That’s how huge the servings are. The food is really good; fresh produce and plenty of toppings.

I noticed they served Vittoria brand coffee (which I generally don’t like), so I was hesitant ordering a coffee. I was however, pleasantly surprised at just how good it was – signs of a great barista. The tiny teddy on the side was a nice touch too.

The service was fast and friendly – though I have read reviews of others receiving bad service.  Perhaps we just got lucky.

I will admit, the café is nothing overly special. The décor is a little old and tired, but the food is cheap and it comes out fast. On face value, I don’t think you can expect that much from Corelli’s and maybe that is why I have such a positive review. It doesn’t look like much, but it does deliver.

If you are ever looking for a quick cheap bite then you can’t really go past Corelli’s.
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  1. My colleague salivated walking pass and seeing the shot of the nachos. Dayum, now I want Nachos.