Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hakuba - A video

S has recently started to make short films. He made this one of our time in Hakuba, Japan.

Hakuba: Silver Paradise from Sven on Vimeo.

Music is "Ég anda" by Sigur Ros


  1. Love it :-) Particularly the tilt-shift action and the final few shots walking through the snow. Great effect, I'd never think to take video like that in the first place!

  2. Thanks, Ash! I'll let him know he got a comment :-)

  3. love this! we were also skiing in japan in January (nozawa-onsen) and this captures the amazing snow and atmosphere so well. makes me want to be back there even more!

    1. Thanks, Laura. The snow in Japan is just incredible and nothing like I've ever skiied before!

  4. I must admit I'd never thought to add Japan as a place I'd ever want to visit. That is, until now! Great video, Sven and thanks for sharing!:):):)