Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to reality

S and I got back from Japan on the 7th and have been really busy since. Japan was amazing! We spent the first week in Hakuba where we skied. The snow was amazing! So so powdery and so awesome to ski on. I was really apprehensive before we went about the skiing, as I've never really enjoyed it in Australia, but Hakuba certainly changed my mind!

The second week was spent in Tokyo which was also fantastic. I didn't realise the shopping there was so good and came home with a new Winter wardrobe.

 The ski mountains
 It snowed a lot overnight...

 Blizzarding on the slopes
 Showing how deep the snow is. This is outside our accommodation.
 The trees looked like glass trees
 The view from our room
 Snow monkeys!
 The only family of monkeys in the world that use hot springs

 We bought fireworks..

 The view from The Peak Lounge - Park Hyatt, Tokyo
 Amazing view!
 Mount Takao Shrine
 Tokyo City is so clean and modern
The view from the New York Bar, 52nd Floor of the Park Hyatt, Tokyo.

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